SADO is the word used to describe the Japanese Tea Ceremony or the Japanese way of tea. The word 'Cha' means tea in Chinese and a host of other languages, the word 'Do' means path or way in Japanese put them together and you have 'Chado' the way of tea.
Chado tea came to us with a simple philosophy, figure out a way to market their finest teas to the largest possible demographic. Combining a palette of browns and ochers, we built an e-commerce that was fine-tuned around individual tea products and accessories. Every attribute for a perfect brew -- the perfect temperature, infusion time, milk recommendations -- controlled through dynamic features controlled by the system's administrators. 
Heavily leaning on the high quality image assets, we oriented the design around visual icons and photography with succinct product descriptions providing a solid base.
Chado Tea Chado Tea Chado Tea

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