Bespoke Apparel

Only Shirts

Using innovative technology and only the finest hand-crafted materials, you won’t want to buy another dress shirt from anywhere else.


Only Shirts allows customers to design the perfect dress shirts. Their customization options allow over a million different permutations. Their audience is a mixture of high-end self-serve clientele to those that prefer a soft touch before making a decision.

We built a system that's not only capable of servicing both spectrums with an experience that they'll remember, but also capable of handling their omnichannel presence.

The system supports one-click-buy for ready-to-wear apparel for those who prefer not customizing their shirt to the last seam. Measurements are accepted using a universal interface that works just as well on your phone, as it does on your laptop.

Localization support allows customers from UAE to shop in Dirham, while those outside, in USD. The visualization engine is optimized for high performance and creates photo-realistic renders of shirt customizations in real-time.