Music Festival

NH7 Weekender

Mosh pits, decked out stages, t-shirts and whole lotta aural love make it, by far, the biggest music festivals held on this side of the Pacific.


NH7 Weekender brings some of the world's finest musicians together for an annual festival that spans multiple cities across India.

We were tasked with creating a unique identity for the 2015 Bacardi NH7 Weekender. Plus, it needed to be backed up by a solid content management system capable of handling the ever-changing ticket prices/band schedules.


With a short deadline, and a whole lot of free tickets, we created a design oriented around space. The parallax galactic background moved with you and sparkled with a million stars with planet NH7 perpetually rotating around its own axis.

Directly integrated with, the system allowed festival goers to not only buy tickets, but also merchandise and ticket packages.